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Alder Audio is a small and focused ribbon mic company launched in 2021 by Tyler Campbell in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

 The goal at Alder is to produce truly world class and U.S. made ribbon mics at less than half the price those two things usually add up to.  This inspired the name of the company, which comes from a kind of design pragmatism shared by a certain guitar designer. 


"If I have $100 to make something, I’d spend $99 making it work and $1 making it pretty"

-Leo Fender

In 1956 Fender chose to begin making electric guitar bodies out of a new wood, Red Alder.  Leo was a pragmatist and Alder was a sustainable, not overly heavy hardwood that was easy to finish, easy to glue, and perhaps most importantly, was local to Fender's operations.  Today Alder remains one of the most popular choices for Fender guitar bodies - an economical and sustainable choice that still delivers high quality.   It is this same kind of practical yet uncompromising approach to design that leads to the quality and affordability of Alder Audio microphones.

About Tyler

Every microphone at Alder is hand built by Tyler himself.  Tyler has a background in product development, as well as a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.B.A.  Tyler is also a guitar player, singer, and long time home studio enthusiast who grew up working in a family run manufacturing business in Wisconsin.  All these experiences come together to enable Alder Audio to be the unique business that it is.

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