"If I have $100 to make something, I’d spend $99 making it work and $1 making it pretty"

-Leo Fender

In 1956 Fender chose to begin making electric guitar bodies out of a new wood, Red Alder.  Leo was a pragmatist and Alder was a sustainable, not overly heavy hardwood that was easy to finish, easy to glue, and perhaps most importantly, was local to Fender's operations.  Today Alder remains one of the most popular choices for Fender guitar bodies - an economical and sustainable choice that still delivers high quality.

With that same pragmatism, Alder Audio is a startup microphone company out of Ann Arbor, Michigan,  and we are out to prove that it is possible to make a world class microphone in the U.S. at a small company and at a reasonable price if you are willing to break some convention and adopt a practical approach.  We are a company bent on offering a fantastic and affordable product and we invest little in marketing and polish.  Our innovative H44 ribbon mic comes out of an uncompromising attitude toward high quality audio combined with a streamlined approach to design.  We've put this together in a package that we sell direct to the user in order to offer the best possible price.  

From the Founder

When I started Alder I wanted to be able to offer microphones that were top tier quality, innovative, and completely made in the U.S. while keeping costs low enough to be accessible to working musicians and engineers.  The reason I would ever hope to be able to meet such a difficult set of goals is my unique combination of experience.  I am a former product development engineer and chemist with experience in multiple industries, I am a long-time home recording enthusiast, I hold an MBA, and I grew up working for the family business, a small U.S. manufacturing company that is still thriving today.

One of things my experiences have taught me is that if you can manage to offer a truly well designed product, support it well, and offer it at a fair price, the business pulls itself along naturally instead of needing to be constantly pushed forward by marketing.  At the end of the day, my biggest goal for Alder is to offer users a mic that works very well for them at a price they can afford.  So if you have questions, please, feel free to say hello.  Send us a note over on the contact form.  We'd be happy to help.

Thanks for stopping by.  Now go make some music!


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