The ALDER H44s


The H44s is a symmetrical ribbon mic derived from our innovative H44 design.  The mic features matching front and back responses that are voiced the same as the backside of the original H44.   This is possible because the asymmetric H44 capsule does not use an offset ribbon like other seemingly similar mics.  Instead, our mics have a unique patent-pending capsule which we are able to adjust to offer a symmetrical response.

The H44s is useful for those looking for a symmetrical response for specific recording situations such as mid-side, Blumlein, or recording between two opposing sources.  It may also be preferred by those looking for a simpler more traditional ribbon mic who do not need the unique vocals-oriented front voicing of the H44.


  • Broad and transparent frequency response

  • Symmetrical figure 8

  • Patent-pending herringbone ribbon (see video below)

  • In house wound toroidal transformer

  • Gold plated jack

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Includes carrying case and clip